Vision Trips

In March 2013, Sundance Organics founder Bill Hahlbohm, along with Plant With Purpose, and photographer Aaron Chang traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to see the impact Plant With Purpose was having in sowing seeds of hope for impoverished communities worldwide.

With the Buy 1 / Grow 1 campaign, when you purchase any Sundance Organics fruit from a retail partner, Sundance will donate a percentage of your purchase to help grow a piece of fruit for a family in need. All it takes is $1 for Plant With Purpose to help an impoverished farmer plant a citrus tree. That one tree can provide thousands of pieces of fruit over its lifetime. On May 11, 2013, we unveiled our Buy 1 / Grow 1 initiative at The Aaron Chang Gallery in Solana Beach. To experience our Haiti and Dominican Republic trip, please view the photographs by visiting: Link to gallery page with photos

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