Mission & Values

We are dedicated to growing the healthiest, best tasting organic citrus and avocado in the world through environmentally responsible farming practices.

Core Values

We love sharing our story with people because when we do they become a part of it, and the story becomes their own. Cultivating fruit is just the beginning; Sundance Organics grows stories. We value our communities and strive to produce healthy, organic produce that not only makes our communities healthy, but makes them thrive.

Environmental Stewardship

At Sundance Organics, we’re committed to not only providing top-quality organic produce, but we’re also committed to building lasting relationships with our growers, retailers and customers. We strive every day to create healthier families and communities. We set ourselves apart by continuing to innovate and staying focused on what truly matters—health. Hybrid cars are used by our grower relations managers and our picking crew travels in low emission vans.

Caring for Communities

Sundance Organics helps agrarian communities in need through the socially-conscious Buy 1 / Grow 1 campaign. The program helps impoverished farmers around the world plant citrus trees in their communities, producing fruit for sustenance, income, and soil retention. Through an integrated program combining reforestation efforts, agriculture training and more, we are transforming communities through organics.

Organic Farming

Why organic? Organic citrus and avocados are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Certified organic food in the United States is grown according to standards set by the National Organic Program. Sundance Organics is certifiedby California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and registered as organic with the State of California.


At Sundance Organics, we’re not just concerned with the health of our families, but the health of our communities as a whole. We strive to make long-lasting relationships with our growers, retailers, customers and staff to provide organic citrus and avocado produce to the masses. Organic produce is good for you, good for your family, and good for the land.


Sundance Organics provides full-service farm management services, tailored individually for ranch owners who want expert management of their citrus crops. We can deploy dedicated citrus farming management professionals to help your team navigate through any uncertainties during each growing season. Our professional management services are offered throughout California. Additionally, Sundance Organics offers pest management consulting and leasing.

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