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Planting the Seeds

More than 40 years ago, Bill Hahlbohm embarked on a journey to produce citrus fruits and avocados — the very foods that helped sustain them. He began the endeavor by traveling across the world to experience cultures and foods vastly different from their own, including avocados from Israel and citrus from Australia. As he immersed himself in new agrarian cultures, he began to understand a very different way of farming that not only planted fruits and produce, but also sowed seeds of kinship, health and hope. An idea was born. Upon his return, Bill sought to cultivate organic citrus and avocado in California to cultivate those very seeds of life.

A Growing Need

In 1971, Sundance Organics was created. The family enterprise became a pioneer in organic produce, offering the finest selection of citrus fruit and avocados. Inspired by past travels, Sundance Organics now aids communities through a Buy 1 / Grow 1 program, donating profits from every citrus sale toward growing fruit in impoverished agrarian communities. Because at the end of the day, great tasting organic food is not only good for our bodies, it is good for our world.


We are a pioneering company. Forty years ago, being an organic produce company was a trailblazing venture. Now, it’s a mainstream idea. We provide full-service farm management services to our growers, and work tirelessly to provide personalized customer service. Our registration and certification department assists growers through the process of getting their fruit ready to sell.

Sundace Organics

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